Road Construction
Road Construction
  • SE Connector Details:
  • Pyramid Details:
    • HERE - McCarran Intersection in Sparks
    • PDF ERE - US395 Connector through Sun Valley
  • North Virginia / North McCarran Intersection Details:
    • PDF HERE - Safety Upgrades to reduce the number of crashes
  • Trafic Signal Improvement List Details:
  • Oddie Blvd. Wells Ave Upgrades:
    • Website without pictures (website removed)
    • PDF with Pictures HERE

Read the latest list from RTC HERE

  • Sun Valley
  • Freeway
  • I80 / I580 Interchange
  • Kietzke Ln
  • East 4th Street
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Evans Avenue
  • Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extensions
  • Traffic Control Report
  • Focuses on the transportation needs of Washoe County's
    • Streets
    • Cities
    • Regions
  • With
    • New Roads
    • Road Improvements
    • Bike paths
    • Truck Routes
    • Bike Routes
    • Pedestrian Accommodations
    • City Planning
    • Public Transportation
      • Buses
      • ADA Supports
      • Ride Shares

The mission of the Nevada Department of Transportation is to provide a better transportation system for Nevada through unified and dedicated efforts.

Road Closures and Construction Search Road

So far this search on the City of Sparks Website is the best we can do but you are welcome to message us a question or Call City of Sparks: (775) 353-5555


Circular road logo for the interstate interchange in Reno

Ndot Spaghetti Bowl Website to read through alternative designs that are being discussed to respond to the dramatic population increases in the area and possible freeway from Mexico to Canada.

Reno Road Closures Map