Making Meetings and Resources Easier to Find
Making Meetings and Resources Easier to Find


Road Construction

Foster Care and Adoption

  • Neighborhood Meetings in Reno and Sparks (temporarily disabled)
  • Parks and Trails (temporarily disabled)
  • Neighborhood land data (contact us for access)

Contact us with your idea and what you can do to help create it.

If we adopt the project, we will decide on a communication plan with you to get it done and gather additional feedback. Leaders and volunteers get full credit for their work on press releases project pages.

  • Example projects that you could volunteer to spearhead
    • Homelessness
    • Local Musicians and Music
    • Local Cuisine
    • A Professional Interest
    • Social and Service Clubs (Need to meet regularly)
    • Urban Land Trust
    • Local Gardening
    • Animals and Pets
  • Projects we are not considering at this time
    • One Time Events (Please submit a guest blog for us to distribute instead)
    • Local Restaurants (We are not here to compete with all the great reporting in this category)
    • Nightlife (See above)
    • Anything that does not conform to the mission "To empower Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County citizens with supplementary resources and tools."
  • Service, Professional, or Social Club/Association
    • If you have a service, professional, or social club/association that could benefit from an interest page, please send us all of the following:
      • Your regular meeting times
      • How to find the meetings
      • RSVP information
      • Your website and public contact details
      • A picture and/or logo
      • A description o the group's benefit to the community
      • The neighborhoods where you do your work
  • To make critical information easier to find
  • To make contacting leaders and decision makers easier
  • To help with scheduling
  • To empower everyone to improve our areas backbone