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Art Columnist Andrea Lynn Tyrell is a 29-year-old reporter, blogger, actress and fiction writer living in Reno, NV. She is obsessed with Peter Jennings’ and Lisa Ling’s careers and hopes to one day win an Oscar (she already has her acceptance speech prepared and memorized).

Andrea has editorial, website and multimedia experience and writes about political issues, relationships and sex, entertainment and art, as well as human interest pieces.

Andrea Lynn Tyrell's Art Column

Renting in Reno

NADA gras at the Morris

When I first moved to the Biggest Little City, it was for college and I focused my attention on the university. When I moved back, I was impressed with the Art communities committed to Reno and Sparks. This city wasn’t the Reno I lef...

Wildflower Village Art Rooms

Wildflower Village is tucked back away from the mainstream entertainment block of the city. It’s a is a non-profit arts center, rentable motel and performance space that caters to the art community, musicians local and abroad, and anyone who just needs a place to call home.

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