Reno Sparks Neighborhood Councils

Neighborhood Volunteer Introduction

Joining our neighborhood volunteer team gives you greater influence on projects that affect your life. These informal networks help each one of us prioritize and build effective synergy. There are no required meetings. Whether you spend five minutes a month or 60 hours a week making your community better, you are welcome to engage the resources here to empower your work. We use a living charter to guide each team.

Living Charter 

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Council Resources

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Mail to 3983 S McCarran Blvd. #191, Reno, NV 89502

Why Neighborhood Volunteers

Governments in our region have been moving toward greater transparency and citizen engagement. We need volunteers to make the most from these opportunities. Volunteers can supplement what the appointed boards can do with agile creative thinking, technical expertise, wider collaboration, and as a user friendly information resources. 

List of Resources

  • Administrative Staff Support
    • Researchers
    • Advocates
    • Team builders
    • Schedulers
    • Designers
  • Other Council Applicants
    • Sharing personal strengths
    • Coaching
    • Mentorship
    • Networking
  • Information
    • First look at neighborhood data
    • Influence on how the data is displayed and organized
    • Contact information for others interested in the same topics or neighborhoods
  • Communication
    • Flexible communication channels custom to each objective and team
    • Orderly public webpages
    • Meetings
    • Socials
    • Joint events with organizations
    • Increased access to officials
  • Training
    • Preparation for appointed board positions
    • Computer training
    • Advocacy training
    • Urban planning
    • Government and nonprofit engagement
    • Fundraising
  • Privacy
    • Applicants may choose to share contact information with other council members or keep their information private.
    • Content is sited by each author or the list of contributors.

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