Rural Downtown living

Industrial, urban, and agricultural because that is how we rolled our community into an urban core.

Southeast Reno Snowy Wetlands

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Southeast Reno Neighborhoods

Clean Water Way

Clean Water Way

The final wetland and far ...

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley

Reno and Sparks mountain ...

Donner Springs

Donner Springs

In the shadow of Rattlesn ...



Dense connected neighborh ...

Proposed Talus Valley formally Daybreak

Talus Valley

Proposed 4,700 unit development between Donner Springs, Hidden Valley, and South Meadows

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Neighborhood Resources

Upper South East Communities Coalition, Inc.

"Working with community partners to educate and inform the public on the value of open spaces, wetlands and flood plains, along with the benefit of wildlife in the environment of Washoe County."

Ward 3 Neighborhood Advisory Board

Meets 1st Tuesday of each month

Verify location and time at the City of Reno link

development projects map and other board resources

  • Mira Loma Park
  • Rosewood Lakes Golf Course
  • Hidden Valley Country Club
  • Hidden Valley Regional Park
  • Reggie Rd Exercise Area
  • Rattlesnake Mountain / Huffaker Hills Open Space
  • Huffaker Mountain Park
  • S McCarran Blvd
  • S Rock Blvd / Pembroke Dr
  • Mira Loma Dr
  • Longley Ln
  • Mill St
  • E Peckham Ln
  • Rio Poco Rd
  • Double R Blvd
  • E Huffaker Ln

Neighborhood Volunteer

Fill out this short questionnaire to join other neighborhood volunteers. There are no required meetings. Whether you spend five minutes a month or 60 hours a week making your community better, you are welcome to use the resources here to empower your work.

Seize no power.
Change everything.

Professionals and volunteers team up with groups and people to collaborate on community building projects

Growing Neighborhood Connections

Teamwork online and in person