Downtown Sparks

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Downtown Sparks began with the railroad and developed into a residential center over time. Now, Sparks is much more – hosting some of Northern Nevada's biggest events and the West Coast's biggest companies. It's a city of friends and a city of business. Providing logistical support for 55 million customers within a day's ground shipping and a 4th of July Fireworks show visible across the Truckee Meadows Valley for all the residence of Reno and Sparks.

Downtown Sparks

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Victorian Square Living History

Victorian Square

Victorian Avenue still ho ...

Downtown Sparks

Downtown Sparks

Victorian Plaza gives way ...

East of Pyramid

East of Pyramid

Urban Sparks grid hosting ...

Sparks Industrial

Sparks Industrial

Warehousing and manufactu ...

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Neighborhood Resources

39 North

Meets the Second Tuesday of Each Month

Meetings location varies and are open to anyone.

"The primary purpose of 39 North is to promote growth, vitality, and prosperity." - (summarized from their about page)

Sparks Rotary

Meets every Wednesday at 12:00pm
Location: The Nugget

Rotary is a Service Organization

  • Deer Park
  • Sparks Memorial Park
  • Lillard Park
  • Bandstand Park
  • Poulakida's Park
  • Larry D. Johnson Community Center Ardmore Park
  • Pinion Park
  • Gateway Park
  • Rock Park
  • Glendale Park
  • Truckee River Greenbelt
  • Victorian Avenue
  • Prater Way
  • Oddie Blvd
  • Glendale Ave
  • Greg St
  • S McCarran Blvd
  • C St
  • Rock Blvd

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