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Update 1:

I am excited to try Syrian food. Food is a great way to connect. On one level it is trite and on another it is a chance to make a real connection with families who have endured the unspeakable. If the program is approved by the federal agencies, I will be volunteering.

Germany's Syrian refugees have been feeding the homeless so maybe we can help facilitate something like that here. Syrian refugee pays back German kindness with food for the homeless



This may be a challenge for some and we welcome your constructive feedback. Reno, Sparks, Washoe County, and Northern Nevada have a long history of welcoming people from all over the world. We are a hospitality town. We're all friends here.

We host exchange students in our homes. We provide a hub for international companies who wish to ship to the West Coast. We have vibrant ethnic communities and don't shy away from the beautiful (and tasty) local festivals.

Our military service members have developed lifelong friendships with undeniable peacemakers in the countries where they have served. Our churches and service clubs have gotten to know these souls personally and empower them to be change makers in their home countries.

Refugees will not be a burden or a risk to us. Refugees use the second chance they receive to start businesses and work hard for their families. Please consider voicing your support for the Northern Nevada International Center as they seek to do what they do best serving in this role for our community.

PS: The Damascene Cuisine: Bon Appétit and happy Ramadan

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