Social Service Providers in the Valley
Social Service Providers in the Valley

Here is the Plan (Work on any step you feel motivated to tackle and check back to see progress)

We will have our first working draft on May 9th ahead of the next Sparks Neighborhood Council

  • Facebook Event: HERE (provide feedback here or in the comment section below)


PART 1 - Collect phone numbers and past surveys for service providers.

  • Add a service provider to the list: HERE
  • View current entered service providers: HERE
  • Google Drive Research Folder: HERE

PART 2 - Create a survey of available services.

  • Survey questions worksheet anyone may add, no sign in required: HERE

PART 3 - Have volunteers call and interview each provider

PART 4 - Display and share the results clearly for every decision maker working on the problem.

PART 5 - Analyze to identify the real service gaps and dispel myths about the perceived service gaps.



Develop a list of service providers and services to distinguish between real gaps in service and perceived gaps in service.

About the Author

Reno Sparks Neighborhoods consists of volunteers who team up with other groups in person and use the cloud to collaborate on community building projects.

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