Riverwalk and Midtown
Riverwalk and Midtown

Riverwalk District. The Truckee river has continuous biking paths, white water rafting parks, and unique business districts. Downtown Reno sports everything from Wingfield Park to High-end dining as the lower floors of high-rises attracted socially focused restaurants for patrons to lounge beside the river and boardwalk fountains. Find out the latest events here: renoriver.org

Midtown Reno. A collection of businesses built on a dream, Midtown has kissed Reno with a burst of energy. The quirky avenues add to Midtown's must-see feeling. Enjoy the hottest restaurants, bars, galleries and boutiques, many operated (and babied) directly by the business owners! You can meet some of these wonderful people here: midtowndistrictreno.com

Riverwalk and Midtown Map

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Note: these are not lists of properties available for sale. The spreadsheets help you research all land in this neighborhood.

 PDF map from Washoe County

The CSV files download from the Washoe County Assesor's office. They provide detailed information about how each piece of land is used and who owns it.

New Southside Addition


  • Land Use: Multifamily - Low Density -- Site Values / SF / Unit (LUC 13, 30 thru 33)
  • MAP abbreviation: AJBK
  • CSV spreadsheet  

Siena Hotel Casino

Common Area/Token Values

  • Land Use: Token Values -- Common Area / Splinters / Unbuildable
  • MAP abbreviation: AJVV
  • CSV spreadsheet  

Downtown Commercial

  • Land Use: Commercial - General -- Square Foot Values
  • MAP abbreviation: AJAQ
  • CSV spreadsheet  

South Virginia Commercial

  • Land Use: Commercial - General -- Square Foot Values
  • MAP abbreviation: AJBQ
  • CSV spreadsheet  

Townhomes at Holcomb Place


Pueblo Place

Park Towers Condos


  • Land Use: Single Family Residence 6,000 - 9,000 Sf Zoning -- Site Values
  • MAP abbreviation: AJGC
  • CSV spreadsheet  

These CSV files download from Washoe County Public Records. Please see instructions, disclaimers, and always verify information before making a decision DISCLAIMERS