Reno Sparks Open Parks and Trails
Reno Sparks Open Parks and Trails

Open Parks and Trails (DRAFT)

Map of Parks with placeholder for Trail Gadget link.
  • Here:
  • This widget may be tested with local sites to see if OpenStreetMap displays (TMPF - KTMB - or others).
  • The embed code: <script src=""></script>
  • The final product may be styled and nerd stuff removed  but TMPF has offered to get the trail paths functional first.
  • My thought is to have a 'modal' for each trail. Users could get to the 'trail' from the 'map' or from a 'list of trails'.
  • Parks without trails would have a small dot, parks with trails a slightly larger marker, and true trailheads could have the most conspicuous map marker.