Develop a responsive economic development resource to attract business

Develop an economic development resource to attract business - a responsive web interface that could be developed into a future app.


  1. Button 1 - Site Selectors
    1. energy
    2. taxes
    3. business costs
    4. incentives
  2. Button 2 - Lifestyle
    1. outdoors
    2. cost of living
    3. arts
    4. housing
    5. education
  3. Button 3 - Entrepreneurs
    1. support
    2. community
    3. success stories
    4. resources
Economic Development App

Various task you can do to move this project forward:

Finalize the Econ Dev App Look

1. Finalize the Econ Dev App Look

2. Outline App Content

  1. Button 1 - Site Selectors
  2. Button 2 - Lifestyle
  3. Button 3 - Entrepreneurs
Interactive Content with the most important data

3. Create interactive content to highlight the most relevant data

4. Standardize data to prepare for the database

5. Create useful charts

6. Identify strong quotes from the source data

7. Recruit volunteers who will benefit by participating

Lead Organizations:

  • NV Energy


  • Jay Kolbet-Clausell
  • Deaon Kolbet-Clausell


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