About Reno Sparks Neighborhoods

Welcome to Reno Sparks Neighborhoods (RSN)

This project exists to strengthen work that people in our region pursue with neighborly connection.

Mission: To empower Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County citizens with supplementary resources and tools.

Our Process:

  1. Respond to community discussions seamlessly and transparently for our Neighborhoods
  2. Increase visibility of good plans with our Blog
  3. Provide technical assistance with our Projects
  4. Organize public education with our Interest Pages


What makes this project different from others?

  • Flexibility
  • Anyone can submit ideas to our energetic teams
  • We partner with other groups' projects to beef up their work
  • Everything is transparent to a fault - Let us know if you want in the google folder and want a tour.

Why recruit neighborhood volunteers?

  • To do pre-work that helps other groups be more effective
  • To reduce barriers so more people can get involved in planning and decision making
  • To train people in effective advocacy
  • To network go-getters

Who pays for this?

  • There are no business sponsors for this project. Jay Kolbet-Clausell hosts the website and has managed the design team.
  • Each of our volunteers has their own day jobs and businesses. 
  • Please check out the design credits.
  • We may consider raising funds in the future to hire staff for research and communication.
  • Your patronage of local artists is motivation for us.
  • Your participation in neighborhood awesomeness is why we are here.
  • If you want a system like this, you can hire Jay through his technical support website.

Can I post advertisements for my business?

  • Yes.
  • Just don't flood the forums. Pick two or three that are most appropriate.
  • You must disclose your relationship with the business or group.


Organizational Structure

Please review our Reno Sparks Neighborhoods:

and our 

What is Going on In Reno and Sparks Nevada?

Reno & Sparks Nevada are innovation hot spots - heard a visitor compare what he sees here to the revolutionary energy he witnessed at the very beginning of the environmental movement. People who live here, entrepreneurs, businesses, and tourists are looking at Nevada in a whole new way.


Reno Sparks Neighborhoods was founded by two Nada Dada artists on the principles of decentralization and self governance. Jay Kolbet-Clausell and Chad Sorg decided to take the project to a higher level when Reno stopped hosting Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NABs). As civic engagement evolves, they wanted to empower more people to engage their neighborhoods by working together. The NABs are back and strong in Reno, but we still have a role to play with neighborhood empowerment, open data, and reducing barriers to participation in the region.

We are not a Government Entity

Reno Sparks Neighborhoods is a website. We have not pursued nonprofit status to maintain our current flexibility. Drop us a line if you would like to participate in decision making or launch a project. We do not plan to develop a formal board at this time. We partner with local nonprofits to engage tracking, research, financial resources, and recruitment.

Neighborhood Volunteer

Fill out this short questionnaire to join other neighborhood volunteers. There are no required meetings. Whether you spend five minutes a month or 60 hours a week making your community better, you are welcome to use the resources here to empower your work.

Add Your Neighborhood

We have a list of 94 neighborhoods in South Washoe County to write about. If you want yours on the short list, email us a rough draft or post to the neighborhood comment board!

Seize no power.
Change everything.

Professionals and volunteers team up with groups and people to collaborate on community building projects

Growing Neighborhood Connections

Teamwork online and in person