Convention Center
Convention Center

West Central hosts many neighborhoods including Meadowood, the Reno Tahoe International Airport, North Kietzke, Renown, the Convention Center, and Smithridge.

Love it or hate it. The red spindly 46 foot Reno Star will make you feel things. We hear less about it since they painted it white but you still might have a fantastical fear of it snagging passing cars from the freeway.

The International airport serves the Truckee Meadows and Sierra Nevada Mountains. Few airports are this embedded in a town of Reno's size and this accommodation divides some very different neighborhoods who would otherwise be closer as the crow flies.

West of the airport is dominated by entertainment uses but you will also find logistics and housing.

Central Reno is also home to RSIC with land under Native American leadership along with Hungry Valley and other areas. RSIC represents many of our local Indigenous Communities who have yet to be given appropriate control over local decision making.

The Reno Convention Area and surrounding properties have been experiencing rapid upgrades.

And last but not least, Smithridge is a high density neighborhood cove with anchor shopping centers.

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