Interest Pages

Interest pages are researched Reno Sparks, Nevada topics for quick reference and use. Some successful projects lead to the creation of an interest page so the topic may be easily found and clear to the human reading it.

Interest Page Workflow

Our project workflow can be summarized as follows:

  1. Neighborhood Page
    1. highlight influential groups
    2. gather issues
    3. celebrate neighborhood identity
    4. support the "Neighborhood Councils"
  2. Blog Post
    1. post one time pieces
    2. educational pieces
    3. details to expand a thought
  3. Project
    1. keep collaboration fluid
    2. complete research
    3. iron out technical issues
  4. Interest
    1. display the work
    2. public education
    3. complete and thoughtful
  5. Neighborhood/Project Page
    1. continue feedback
    2. keep the Interest page up-to-date.
Interests vary: cars to more esoteric pursuits.

Add Your Neighborhood

We have a list of 94 neighborhoods in South Washoe County to write about. If you want yours on the short list, email us a rough draft or post to the neighborhood comment board!

Growing Neighborhood Connections

Teamwork online and in person

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