Sparks Marina Classic Car Show
Sparks Marina Classic Car Show

Outdoor Urban Magnet in Sparks. Many joggers and evening walkers populate this surprising Sparks attraction. After Helms Gravel Pit and Nature conspired to create the 77 acre lake in 1997, the City of Sparks got to work attracting new investment, installing a beach, and downright beautifying the area. Truck stops turned into tourist destinations for auto shows, philanthropy runs, and shopping centers. The Legends Mall developed much of the western side while residential neighborhoods sporting backyard docks grew toward the Northeast. The Marina provides a full range lifestyle with Kayaking, scuba diving, loft bars, and Volleyball. 

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Note: these are not lists of properties available for sale. The spreadsheets help you research all land in this neighborhood.

 PDF map from Washoe County

The CSV files download from the Washoe County Assesor's office. They provide detailed information about how each piece of land is used and who owns it.

Commercial Condos

  • Land Use: Commercial Condos -- Square Foot Values
  • MAP abbreviation: DICR
  • CSV spreadsheet  

SFRs Lakefront

  • Land Use: Single Family Residence < 6,000 Sf -- Patio Homes -- Site Values
  • MAP abbreviation: DIFB
  • CSV spreadsheet  

Industrial Condos

  • Land Use: Industrial Condos -- Square Foot Values
  • MAP abbreviation: DIJT
  • CSV spreadsheet  

Waterfront Condos


  • Land Use: Commercial - General -- Square Foot Values
  • MAP abbreviation: DIDQ
  • CSV spreadsheet  

RV Park

  • Land Use: Multifamily - Mobile Home / RV Parks -- Per Unit Values (LUC 35)
  • MAP abbreviation: DIHN
  • CSV spreadsheet  


Common Area

  • Land Use: Token Values -- Common Area / Splinters / Unbuildable
  • MAP abbreviation: DIVV
  • CSV spreadsheet  

Western Village

Sparks Marina Office Condos


Marina Villa Condos


These CSV files download from Washoe County Public Records. Please see instructions, disclaimers, and always verify information before making a decision DISCLAIMERS