Last remaining block of mid-century modern motels
El Ray - Threatened Mid-Century Modern

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In the News

Motel Housing Demolition

There was no public discussion and the investment firm moved forward with demolition on March 21st.

Proposed Plan Instead of Demolition

by Corri Jimenez, Historic Preservation Instructor

The quintessential mid-century motels within this area date from 1946 to 1979 with an early Craftsman residence built in 1920. It is the only intact motel district in the City of Reno.

The Midcentury Motel Team envisions this block as a walkable district with welcoming landscape features and an engaging architectural character. This district has the potential to encourage locals and tourists to enjoy unique experiences, including a vintage neon sign tour highlighting the rich history of the Lincoln Highway and the significance of the motels during the mid 20th century.

Lido Inn

Apartments for young professionals and students. Longterm amenities for business travelers.

Star of Reno Motel

The gateway to the neon district, featuring a Neon Museum opening into an active alley which recalls Reno's rich history.

El Ray Motel

A creative haven for a makerspace featuring community-centered courtyard and bazaar.

Keno Motel #1 & #2

Two boutique motels that connect to each other and feature an outdoor fire pit and martini bar.

Mardi Gras Motel

Envision an oasis that includes a plunge poop, lounge area and performance stage where people come to relax after work.

1920s Bungalow

Like Sup in Midtown, this house would be a great commercial property.

City Center Motel & In-Town Motel

Boutique shops that feature Reno's artist presence, outdoor culture, specialty foods, and antiques.